Our Community Council

The Old Aberdeen Community Council (OACC) has been set up to represent the views and needs of the Old Aberdeen community.
The Council is elected from people living in the area with the support of the Aberdeen City Council. The City Council describes the community councils in this manner:
Community Councils are elected to represent a particular area and to be a bridge between that community and the City Council and other public authorities. Their purpose is to give local people a say in matters such as local service delivery and other issues affecting daily life. Community Councils are consulted on planning and licensing matters. The City Council also involves community councils in the Community Planning process and in many public consultation exercises”.

The OACC has no political allegiance and anyone who lives in the area can stand for election.
Full details of the legislative background within which Community Councils operate may be found at the Scottish Office web site – go to www.gov.scot and search for ‘community councils’.

Current members of the Old Aberdeen Comunity Council are listed on the next page;

The OACC covers the area between Mounthooly Way in the south to the river Don in the North and from Bedford Road / Spital across to King Street. This is shown on the following map

A PDF version of the map can be downloaded HERE.

(A more precise definition of our area can be found on the City Council website, on the Community Council pages).