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Privacy Notice for
Old Aberdeen Community Council

The Old Aberdeen Community Council is registered as a Data Holder under the terms of the General Data Protection Register. This Privacy Notice explains what personal data we hold, why we hold it, how this might affect you and what you can do about it.

Who we are The Old Aberdeen Community Council (OACC) is a voluntary body made up of individuals living within the Old Aberdeen area. Further details regarding the OACC can be obtained from the Aberdeen City Council website at, or the OACC website at

The Data Protection Officer for the OACC can be contacted at

The current Data Protection Officer for the OACC is Dewi Morgan.

What kinds of information we hold

We may hold the following personal data:

This data is held for the following people:

The legal basis for holding this data is defined as ‘Consent’ and ‘Public Task’ in the legislation

Why we hold personal data

We hold personal data so we can communicate with local residents, members of Old Aberdeen Community Council, other Community Councils, our elected representatives and anyone who attends our monthly meetings or who communicates with us.

How we obtain personal data

Where we hold information

This is stored primarily on the home computers of the OACC Chair, Secretary and Webadmin, but some data (mainly email addresses) will also be retained on the home computers of the other OACC members.

Sharing of information

How we will share this information

How long we will hold this information

Your rights

To request information or to have your contact details deleted, please contact the Data Protection Officer for the OACC at:


We hope you will be able to resolve a complaint of data misuse with the OACC directly. If our response has not been satisfactory, you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner Office, which is the UK’s regulator of data protection law. They can be contacted through their website;

Here you will find lots of information about your rights and how to make a complaint.

For any other queries regarding your personal data and the Old Aberdeen Community Council, please contact

This notice was last updated 21 July 2018

Data Protection

While the Old Aberdeen Community Council has been  registered under the Data Protection Act for many years, the advent of the General Data Protection Register has required a re-visit to this subject which has included a requirement to provide a ‘Privacy Notice’ to clarify who we are ,what information we hold, why and for how long.

This is now available below, or a pdf version can be accessed by clicking here.