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Old Aberdeen

The Old Aberdeen Community Council has spent the first half of this year preparing, organising, holding workshops, then writing up the findings of what the Scottish Government calls a Place Plan, but which we prefer to call A Community Vision for Old Aberdeen.

The end result of this process is a report which describes the town we live in, what we love about Old Aberdeen, but also identifying what could be so much better.

·         Our March 2019 newsletter sets the scene – you can find this

·         While the final report can be downloaded   

·         The questions that form the core part of the Place Standard process may be found

 We collected far too much information to be able to include it all in the published report, so on this page we will publish the input data for anyone’s consideration (it is all anonymous).

·         This document provides the scores and written responses we received to the ‘Place Standard’            questions

·         This document lists all the sticky notes comments placed on the ‘Ideas Wall’ under the headings           ‘Strengths’ Weaknesses’ and ‘Priorities’  

·        This document provides the personal data of the attendees (age range, gender and post code)   

OACC Newsletter issue 29 March2019 final low res.pdf RESPONSES BY QUESTION.pdf PostIt comments by Ideas Wall headings.pdf Place Standard questions - handouts.pdf OACC Vision and Newsletter issue 30 June2019 Final low res.pdf Attendees personal data.pdf