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Background Information

This page holds documents of interest to people living  in the Old Aberdeen community.

The Community Council Constitution provides the legal basis for the Old Aberdeen Community Council and may be downloaded here: OACC Constitution, April 2000

The Old Aberdeen Conservation Area Report is an important document, published in 1993.  It sets out the characteristics of the Old Aberdeen area which, in this interpretation, covers a similar, but not identical area to that covered by your Community Council.

This area is subdivided into five areas they called:

          The Heart,    Spital,     The University,    Balgownie,     Seaton Park

…..  and goes on to make proposals as to how development should be managed in each area, including the sort of development that would be acceptable.

The document may be downloaded here: CONSERVATION AREA REPORT

Please be aware that this is a large file, around 15MB, so could take some time to download.

The Neighbourhood Community Action Plan

The Scottish Parliament determined how community planning is to be carried out in the Local Government in the Scotland Act 2003.

This Act makes Aberdeen City Council responsible for carrying out community planning within Aberdeen. With the support of other local organisations,  the City Council produced the City’s community plan. This was first published in 2001 and has been revised and developed since then. This plan is built up from a number of Neighbourhood Community Action Plans.  The designated Neighbourhood Community Areas are separate from the Community Council areas and the council wards. However, the Old Aberdeen Neighbourhood Community Area is almost identical to the Old Aberdeen Community Council, but with differences on the southern border.

The attached documents give you more detail on the Neighbourhood Community Action Plan process, details how this is achieved in the Old Aberdeen and describe what actions are taking place, locally, to improve the quality of life for Old Aberdeen residents.

Old Aberdeen Neighbourhood Community Action Plan 2008-9

Neighbourhood Community action plan - delivery programme

As ever, comments are always very welcome, but particularly important when it comes to deciding on what the OACC should focus - your feed-back will help the Community Council reflect your interests.