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May 2011 questionnaire

Thank you to everyone who filled in our questionnaire. Here is a summary of the results. Full data available in the spread sheet at the bottom of the page

Total number of responses:

Paper                      18

Web                          7

Do you think the Third Don Crossing will be of benefit to our community?

Strongly disagree      9  

Disagree                    3

Agree                         4

Strongly agree           3

Don't know                4

Please show us how important the following issues are to you:-

Better public transport

Parking problems

Protect the heritage of Old Aberdeen

Support the redevelopment of Sunnybank Park

Improved facilities for Seaton Park

Potholes in the streets

Dog dirt and litter


The scores were weighted and the top three were identified as :

1.  Protect the heritage of Old Aberdeen

2.  Potholes in the streets

3.  Dog dirt and litter

Runner up: Support the redevelopment of Seaton Park

The full response also contains a lot of interesting comments which provide an interesting and most helpful snap-shot of the  issues effecting our community.

To see the responses in full, click on this:  Questionnaire Response

To summarise:

We consider that the responses received provide the OACC with a mandate to take the following positions:

To continue to oppose the 3rd Don crossing

To prioritise the following issues: