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Next  meeting of the Old Aberdeen

Community Council :

Tuesday,  18th September at 7.30PM at
Old Aberdeen Town House - top floor.

We hope these pages will provide you with a wide range of information about the area, including planning issues, local businesses and information for tourists. You can come along to any of the Community Council’s monthly meetings, or contact us through our mail address:

Local organisations and businesses are invited to provide input about what they offer and to send in any topical news, too.

For any communication regarding this web site, please contact:

The minutes for the last meeting should  be <HERE>, but - if they’re not, -  we may be a bit late!

Meeting agenda for Tuesday 21st August

  1. Present and apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
  3. Police update (if available)
  4. Ross Wilson Senior Planner – Conservation.
     Open discussion on the role of planning within a conservation area.
  5. UoA update (if available)
  6. AUSA reps update (if available) 
  7. Seaton Park update (if available)
  8. Planning issues
  9. Other local issues
       Great Aberdeen Run
  10. City Councillors’ update including, where applicable;-
       Removal of illicit gate off Kings Crescent  (Cllr. Hutchison)
       College Bounds bus gate – ineffective traffic control (Cllr. Grant / McLellan)
       College Bounds bus gate – temporary tarmac repair (Cllr. Grant / McLellan)
  11. Forthcoming Community Council elections
  12. Treasurer’s report
  13. Reports of other meetings attended & forthcoming meetings
  14. Date and venue for next meeting
  15. Representations from members of the public and AOB.

Data Protection

While the Old Aberdeen Community Council has been  registered under the Data Protection Act for many years, the advent of the General Data Protection Register has required a re-visit to this subject which has included a requirement to provide a ‘Privacy Notice’ to clarify who we are ,what information we hold, why and for how long.

This is now available on this web site and can be accessed by clicking here.